Habakkuk's Journey

Day 3 of 6 • This day’s reading

"Waiting on God"

As Habakkuk continues his dialogue with the Lord, there seems to be more questions. In chapter 2 God reveals a profound truth that seemed to be missed by many people. God gave simple solutions to hard problems, while at the same time posing tough questions to the insightful mind.

God’s ways are perfect to Him, and because we do not look on the same plane of time and existence we do not always know where He is going with what we are experiencing. Sometimes it comes down to accepting that God knows what He is doing and we must release our will and trust His.

Personal Reflection Questions:
Take some time to think through these questions before you move on. Answer them as honestly and detailed as possible and be prepared for the author's thoughts tomorrow.

1. Focus on verse 1 for a moment and think about the importance of this verse. Explain your thoughts on this.

2. How did God choose to answer Habakkuk and what does it say about how we should listen?

3. Why do you think God used the word “woe” while speaking to Habakkuk instead of another word such as “cursed”?

4. How can we take this into our daily lives?