Habakkuk's Journey

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"Meeting Habakkuk"

Habakkuk is a book that can easily incite uncertainty and provoke thought. It is easy to challenge and hard to be challenged. As men and women of God, we must be willing to do both. I know that I can quickly challenge another, but when the tables are turned my natural stance is defensive. It becomes an act of service to God to accept the challenges that He has brought to you for the purpose of personal growth.

Personal Reflection Questions:
Take some time to think through these questions before you move on. Answer them as honestly and detailed as possible and be prepared for the author's thoughts tomorrow.

1. What theme stood out the most when you read Habakkuk 1?

2. Why do you think this book made it into the Canon? What do you think God’s purpose for this chapter is?

3. What was the concern during the time of this writing?

4. How does it translate to where we are now?