The Discovery: Exploring God’s Call On Your Life

“The Discipline: Are good deeds enough?”

As ambassadors for Jesus Christ, we are to spread the message of salvation to the world so that the lost can be reconciled to God. This ministry, given to us by God, by its own definition, requires that believers consciously communicate the love of God with the world around them. Ours is not a carrier pigeon ministry where we never see or relate to people directly. We must be direct, vocal, and intentional.

Many religions teach and encourage good works, and there are many lost people in the world serving each other. However, doing good is not, by itself, worth much in eternity. Good works become eternally significant only when they point others toward Christ.

If you do not know how to share your faith, learn. Begin by writing out your testimony, the story of when and how you became a follower of Christ and the difference He has made in your life. Then share it. Ask other believers to demonstrate the methods they use to lead others to Christ.

Go to a Christian bookstore and see what evangelism helps they carry. Remember, the most effective method of evangelism is the method you actually use. Find one that fits you, make sure you know how to lead someone in a prayer of salvation, and get busy. There’s no time to waste!

Respond to the following in your journal:

What did you learn through Bible study today?

How were you encouraged? How were you challenged?