Sex and the Christian Woman

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Many people say the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. The true definition of insanity for a believer is knowing exactly what God has commanded you to do (or not do) and still doing it anyway. 

Today, it seems that sex is everywhere. The less clothes you have on, the more people flock to you. The more sexual you portray yourself to be, the more “popular” you become. 

I went through a phase where I equated sex to love. I felt that if someone wanted to have sex with me, then they loved me. I would give myself away to people and I felt like it was okay, because I “knew” them or “we were friends first”. Nothing I was doing honored God in any way and I knew it. After a short, worthless session of sexual sin, I almost always felt convicted. I would lie to myself and make myself believe that if I went to church on Sundays and went to bible studies on Wednesdays, then a little sex every now and then really didn’t matter. God would still forgive me, but that was the furthest things from the truth. I was filthy on the inside. My heart wasn’t pure, so my “worship” on Sundays meant nothing, because I was back to being worldly as soon as I stepped out of church. 

Everything around me was falling apart. I kept wondering why God wasn’t answering any of my prayers. Psalms 34:17 clearly states that God hears the prayers of the righteous. (The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.) God began to strip everything away from me. My eyes began to open and I realized I was creating soul ties with people who weren’t even meant to be a part of my life. I started to fast and pray and ask God for a release. I began to get so desperate for God that anyone who stood in my way had an open door to leave. Nothing else mattered to me anymore, except my relationship with the Lord.

Question of the Day:

Is there a situation in your life that has made you desperate for God? If so, what was the situation?


Celibacy refers to a vow that a person takes to refrain from sexual activity and intercourse.

Abstinence is a voluntary choice to not have sexual intercourse or engage in sexual activity for a certain amount of time. This can include being abstinent until marriage.