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Queen Moves

DAY 1 OF 5

Queen Moves

Hello Queen, Woman of Favor, Faith and Awesomeness!

We can spend our entire lives striving for success but never finding real and lasting significance. Why? Could it be that we are too consumed with trying to fit into the world’s standards instead of surrendering to God’s standards and telling God, "If you can use anything, Lord, use me."

In the game of chess, the queen is the most powerful game piece on the board. Unlike other chess pieces, the queen is unlimited and unrestricted, making her power undeniable. She can move onto any unobstructed square and in any direction—forward, backward, or diagonally. She can take over any position on which the opposing piece stands. Her influence on the chessboard is unmatched, so it is important to give her the freedom to reign and fortify protection from enemy forces.

Queens of great kingdoms do not sit in high positions, hoping to hide behind white ivory towers of palatial privilege. They do not shield themselves from the decisions needed to be made to protect their kingdom. Instead they are keenly aware of the wars that threaten their throne and people. As queens today, we must stay engaged in spiritual battle by exercising our faith through purpose, prayer, persistence and praise. 

Over the next 5 days, we are going into battle and will examine four power moves you need to dominate as the Queen you are. So, pull back your shoulders, adjust your crown and let’s go into battle. The victory is yours and you will bring back the spoils of this war!  

Prayer: Heavenly Father, remind us that we are all heirs to the kingdom through Your son, Jesus Christ.  Give us a fresh vision for Your purpose for our lives. We ask that you open our eyes, our ears, our hearts and our minds to Your vision so that we can live out our purpose with passion and zeal. Draw us closer to You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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Queen Moves

As Queens, we must stay engaged in prayer and in the spiritual battle that overtakes enemy forces attempting to prevail against our families, jobs, communities, and our nation. Through prayer, purpose, persistence and pr...


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