Devotions From John's Gospel


Jesus knew His time was up. He knew He held all things as the son of God. He knew His origin and destination was God! Knowing the power given to Him, He loved His own and in love, He stooped down to wash their feet as a servant. He taught that to love is to serve. 

Sister/brother, If you are a child of God, what do you know about yourself? 

Did you capture the love expressed by Jesus?  

Can you serve the people God has put into your life to love? 


Jesus, the Son of God, You hold all things. You are in eternal fellowship with the Father. Yet, You served in love! Your love so great pours out in such a humble expression of servitude. Give me Your spirit in my heart and mind so that I may be broken enough to serve in love as You loved me. 

Jesus might say…. 

My child, I loved you because my Father God is love. I showed you the servant model to teach you to love others as I loved you. Come, let us join hands in love; let us serve. I am with you always.