Book of Philemon

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I do wish, brother, that I may have some benefit from you in the Lord; refresh my heart in Christ. (Philemon 1:20)

Has our presence become a blessing for other people around us? We cannot please everyone, however, the most important thing is to make sure that our presence can bring peace and joy to others.

God's love will shine wherever we go when the Spirit of God fills our lives. The Water of Life will flow from our lives. The Holy Spirit in us will make us a gracious, compassionate, and caring person. He will make us a person full of wisdom and understanding. Not only that, but the word of God in us will also encourage us to speak gentle and constructive words.

The Christian life should not be a life that only receives things from others. It should be a life that gives things to others, too. Paul conveyed to his disciple, Philemon, that he could be used as a channel of blessing for God's work and also for Paul, himself. 

The principle of channeling the blessing is also the principle of Christ's life. Once, Jesus was moved by compassion when He saw the multitudes who followed His ministry. They had to be fed. There, He performed the miracle of multiplying five loaves and two fish so that all of them could eat their fill.

Even in our lack, God can still use us to become a channel of blessing as long as we have the love of Christ. There are stories in the Bible about simple people who were used by God to become a channel of blessing. Some richly blessed people were used by God to be a blessing for others. Philemon understood that his life was a comfort to the Apostle Paul. 

Whoever we are and whatever our circumstances right now, let our presence make other people around us feel that they are comforted and blessed. 

The opportunity to be a channel blessing is a wonderful gift from the Lord.