Book of Philemon

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I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers. (Philemon 1:4)

In every successful stage performance there are many people who work behind the scenes whose names are never known. In the same way, every successful ministry has people behind the scenes praying day and night. Prayer breaks down all obstacles and hindrances. 

For believers, prayer is our spiritual breath, because through prayer we are connected to the Father, the source of our lives. Paul kept praying even though he was in prison because of the Gospel. He even prayed more for other people than for himself. In this particular prayer, Paul always remembered to pray for Philemon, his fellow believer, and minister.

We have to realize that there are people who pray for us, too. They could be our family, our brothers and sisters in faith, and the intercessors who are on guard to pray for us. How about us? Have we also taken time to pray for our fellow believers, our colleagues at the office, or those whom God brings into our remembrance? 

Prayer changes hearts. 


Prayer is not powerful because of its length. It is powerful because we pray to a powerful God.