The Secret to Attracting the Favor of the Lord

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In our previous Bible plan entitled The Importance of Discovering Your Assignment, I discussed the importance of identifying and activating your God-given assignment. This is the unique reason why you were put on the earth.

Once a person discovers their assignment, they may feel overwhelmed by how large and significant it seems, and this may put them off.

It will most likely feel like “mission impossible”. That is exactly how it should feel! If your assignment was so easy you could do it in your own strength the devil would take you out in a heartbeat. Therefore, you need God’s favour because the devil cannot overcome God, and that is the key. This is teaching you an important lesson; to rely on the Lord’s direction and provision, and not simply on your own natural capacity. In a nutshell it takes faith and commitment.

Imagine how Joshua felt when Moses died and the Lord told him he was to lead an army of slaves (the Israelites) into the Promised Land and defeat those 7 nations, each of which was greater and mightier than they were. Despite this being mission impossible, Joshua showed incredible faith, and he committed unconditionally by crossing the flooded Jordan River which the Lord had parted. He continued on, even though the Lord closed off the river behind him. Joshua had committed unconditionally to his assignment and from that point onwards the Lord applied His favour, and they conquered the most fortified city in the Promised Land, Jericho, without a single casualty.

It is crucial to understand that favour goes with the assignment, not the individual. One of the primary reasons good Christians never seem to “break through” is because they have not experienced the favour of God and when I quiz them, I find they are not doing their assignments. They often know what their assignments are, they have received strong prophetic words of confirmation, but they have not committed to engaging. When I quiz them further, they are either too frightened, or they are waiting for God to do it, or for God to provide the funds first, or for the right “season”, and so on.

Once they change this lack of faith and commitment and engage unconditionally, and as long as they do it God’s way, the Lord applies His favour and supernatural multiplication (breakthrough) is the result.

Before we continue, it is important to define what the Lord’s favour means. I believe when an individual is living in accordance or agreement with the Lord’s plans, this will result in the Lord showing support, protection, and supernatural provision towards them. In other words, His favour. Psalm 5:12 states “For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous; With favor You will surround him as with a shield.”

This begs the question: how can we live in accordance with the Lord and attain His favour?

The answer is to simply seek to do ‘God’s will, God’s way’.

‘God’s Will’ means committing unconditionally to our assignment to such an extent that there is no way out of it, just as Joshua did. This means once you have identified what your purpose is, and you have confirmed God’s timing, do not sit and procrastinate. Commitment literally means an act of binding oneself to a course of action. It is time to get on with the job!

‘God’s Way’ means living and conducting ourselves righteously in all parts of our lives – but especially as it relates to our assignment. Righteousness includes a myriad of things, so we must look to Jesus’ instructions on how we can live a life that honors Him. There is no greater detriment to the Christian faith, than a hypocritical Christian.

Over the next two days, we will explore a Biblical example and my own personal testimony, whereby each story evidences how committing unconditionally to your assignment will result in the Lord applying His favour.

Watch this Kingdom Investors video in Byblos, Lebanon, which discusses the Crusaders, who did God’s will, but they did not do it God’s way. God did not apply His favour and they lost the battle for the Holy Land.