Staying Hopeful

Day 7 of 10 • This day’s reading


When that old bully named “Difficulty” pops up, God wants us to see and hear something more – something beyond the difficulty.

Camped on the edge of the Promised Land, Moses sent twelve scouts to scope out the land. Ten of the scouts brought back a negative report, but Joshua and Caleb kept their eyes on God, who was higher and bigger. Rather than being distracted by all that looked impossible, they saw all that was possible. And instead of fixating on the problems, they remembered God’s promise – a land of plenty for their people.

They could see it, feel it, taste it. They knew that the same miracles God had performed to get the children of Israel out of Egypt would suffice to take them into the Promised Land. This task was no harder, and the miracles required were no bigger. The God who did that was the same God who could do this. It was never about what they could not do; it was always about what God could and would do if His people would only hope and believe in Him to do it!