Persevering of Faith

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In the past, Corinth used to host sporting competitions called Isthmians. This match became the forerunner of the current Olympics. One sport that received attention at that time was athletics, and a part of it was relay running. The first runner from each team would line up at the starting line, holding a torch. 

As soon as the signal began to sound, the athletes immediately ran, carrying burning torches. When the runner had reached a certain distance, he would hand over his torch to his partner. The torch was then transferred from one runner to another until it reached the finish line. Based on this famous race, the Greeks made a proverb, "Let those who have the torch pass it on to the next person."

We often avoid reading the various genealogical lists in the Bible. We consider such passages to be boring and serve no clear purpose. God certainly does not inspire the Bible writers to write these name lists without a reason. These names represent the people who stood in their days. They have maintained their faith in a race. They ran, holding the torch of their respective faith, and passed it on to the next generation. They are the ones who ensure that the light of truth remains burning from time to time until our generation today.

Right now, we are the runners who stand in the line. We have received the torch of faith from our parents. We have the responsibility to run with that torch of faith and pass it on to the generations after us - our children and grandchildren. Make sure that the generations after us will keep running on this relay of faith. Make sure that the truth doesn't stop in our time. Teach it on and keep it burning and shining for future generations.

Today’s devotional 

1. Are we running with the torch of our faith? Make sure to do that because the challenges of the generation after us will be bigger. 

2. What roles can we take to continue the torch of faith to the finish line?

Today’s actions

Truth is a timeless precious legacy that is worthy of being passed on from one generation to another generation. Make sure that the truth is still preserved in our lives.