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A Commandment

A strong desire to possess that which belongs to another person is covetousness. This is considered a very grievous offense in the Scriptures. God knew about the human heart and that is why He spoke about covetousness in the Ten Commandments. We rarely feel that we are breaking His commandment. Even though God gave the laws to Moses centuries back, it talks about coveting the neighbor’s house, which is still relevant today.

The tendency to grab a position or privilege by undue means, bypassing your peers in the work spot, is prevalent in the corporate world. People are ready to grab everything at the other man’s expense. But, nobody can grab what is due to us because God fights for us.

People are obsessed with their possessions and if a credit or reward is withheld officially, they try to detract from God’s plan. On a few occasions, my peers got rewarded for the efforts I had put in. What I contributed, never surfaced. Though it was an oversight on the part of my superiors, God taught me patience. To maintain a cool temperament even under hostile circumstances is what God wants us to learn. …Godliness with contentment is great gain. (I Tim 6:6)

Covetousness and greed are inherent in a person who has no consciousness or concern about his soul and spirit and ultimately about his eternal life. We cannot ignore the words of the Saviour, what good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? (Mt 16:26). Gaining riches and wealth will not satiate the spirit which is famished with deep spiritual hunger. Jesus knew about the incomparability of eternity and the earthly realm when He spoke about profit and loss in this verse.

Covetousness leads to much heartbreak. Covetousness leads to divisions and derisions within relationships in both official and family circles. It can lead to disharmony and an unforgiving spirit. Let us be warned that greed causes eternal loss and spiritual death.

Dear God, help me not to fall into the pit of covetousness, to wait for Your provision, and to focus on You alone. Amen