Living by Faith: In Evil Days and Good Days, for Myself and for Others

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Day of Evil

“…and after you have done everything, to stand.”

Notice here that our spiritual armor prepares us not for the day of blessing, but for the day of evil. Additionally, notice that it does not say “if the day of evil comes,” but “when the day of evil comes.” It is the day of evil, not the day of blessing, that reveals our true colors—who we really are. 

The children of Israel looked fine after the crossing of the Red Sea, but three days later at the waters of Mara, their true colors came out. (Ex.15:24) They all looked fine until the ten spies returned from the promise land with an evil report. (Num.14:1) Mind you, in saying this I am not advocating negative confession. I am actually encouraging positive confession. If the day of evil turns your confession of faith to negative confession, you never had a positive confession to begin with.

Our armor prepares us not to fight, but to stand on the day of evil. In this world we engage our opponent by fighting; in the spirit we fight by standing. It is also helpful to understand that standing spiritually is different from standing physically. To stand spiritually means to stand in faith, holding on to God’s promises—not when the worship team sings your favorite song, but on the day of evil, when it seems as though God’s promises have failed. 

Standing physically in a physical war is a liability. But standing spiritually in a spiritual war translates to victory.

As they pass through the Valley of Baka, they make it a place of springs…” - Ps.84:6

Life Application

Remember that to prepare for the day of evil on the day of evil is too late. Let me encourage you to develop your spirit daily, like you develop your body in the gym. 


Father, I thank you for your unchanging and unfailing promises. I stand with you today!