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Book of 2 ThessaloniansSample

Book of 2 Thessalonians

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Do not withhold your mercy from me, Lord; may your love and faithfulness always protect me. (Psalm 40:11)

The Apostle Paul was incredibly grateful to God when he saw the spiritual growth of the Thessalonians in their good deeds and faithfulness to God. They faced many challenges. Sometimes they also had to suffer because they decided to follow Jesus. Despite all of these situations, the Thessalonians remained faithful and steadfast. That was the reason why Paul advised them to stay strong and to focus on the Kingdom of God.

Some of us might experience the same struggles. We may experience persecution while defending our faith in the Lord. We may be pressured, slandered, or even rejected because we do good and obey God's word. Let us not be weak, because God never sleeps. The Psalmist says that the Guardian of Israel never sleeps.

There is a piece of of a song that can strengthen us. The lyrics say, “We can be more than victorious in all things when God is on our side.” God defends our case. Let’s continue to believe in God because everything has its time.

Let's be faithful to the Lord and guard our hearts so that we can please Him. It is true that sometimes our hearts and minds can be affected by the situation. However, let's not be defeated. We can look to God to provide solutions for us and trust His heart. 

Our struggle is not against flesh and blood. When people around us cheat on us, we need to consider it as our opportunity to practice our faith and God's word. God's power will increase in us when we choose to do God's Word instead of satisfying our own desires.

God is never too late to help and defend us.

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About this Plan

Book of 2 Thessalonians

This devotion taken from the book of 2 Thessalonians will equip you with biblical truths and guide you to practice it daily as you continue your walk of faith in Christ.

We would like to thank Bethany Church (Singapore) for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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