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2020 Was the Best Year Ever!Sample

2020 Was the Best Year Ever!

DAY 1 OF 7

Life Lessons from 2020 

The other day I asked my husband if I was in a coma. “Just pinch my leg right now and I’ll know.” He sat on the couch and continued to scroll on his phone--quite possibly ignoring me--and no pinch was felt. It really made the only sense at that moment because the world all around me seemed so upside down. It had to be a bad dream, but the dream was ridiculously long so therefore it had to be a coma. Sigh. Although I’m truly thankful I’m not lying in a hospital somewhere in a comatose state, the idea of waking up from one and seeing life as it once was with no masks and no division and no lost jobs and lost lives, was alluring.  

2020 left most of us tired, confused, and saddened. We couldn’t wait for the giant glittery ball to drop in NY and the 0 to be replaced with a 1. Deep down inside we knew that it wasn’t the answer for everything but we most definitely were done with 2020. The new year and the new hope didn’t last long and we found ourselves wanting to drag 2021 by it’s ugly ear back to the store and get a refund. 

Most of us want to mentally file away 2020 in our brains and forget it existed. But is it possible that 2020, with all its ugliness and division, has taught us something? Anything? Can we look back over the year and say that we are better for it? Even in the midst of heartache, lost jobs, lost friendships? Listen, I think we can all agree that this world is a hot mess and sin abounds. But, where sin increased, grace abounded all the more! 

Over the course of the next six days are the lessons 2020 taught me--lessons that awakened me to His presence and His provision in a year of negativity. I can already tell I'm going to need these lessons for 2021… 

Let’s stand tall and walk forward on this path God has placed us on. You exist specifically for this time and He will meet you where you are at if you let Him. I’m grabbing your hand now and squeezing it and together we’re not going to let 2021 leave us weak and worn like 2020. Here are the lessons He taught me. I encourage you to look for the lessons He’s leaving you along the way. 

About this Plan

2020 Was the Best Year Ever!

Did anything good come out of 2020? Most have tried to push it back into the recesses of their minds. With a little humor and...


We would like to thank Julie Higgins, Ryan Higgins & The Tempus Collaborative for providing this plan. For more information, please visit

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