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Real Hope: WorshipSample

Real Hope: Worship

DAY 1 OF 5

The Relationship Of Worship

In this passage, Jesus is sitting by a well talking to a woman who has been marginalised by her own community and broader society. Jesus is about to choose this woman to be the first person to hear Him say  that He is the long-awaited Messiah, the one who has come to save. Before He reveals this, Jesus gives this woman an insight into worship.  

At this time, worship of God consisted of outward actions done in certain places. In this passage, Jesus shifts this idea to one where worship becomes a matter of the heart. Three key words are used to help us understand this. Father, Spirit and truth. The word ‘Father’ used here is Abba, which is probably better translated as Dad. ‘Spirit’ is the essence of a person, the part of us that has the ability to connect with the Spirit of God. ‘Truth’, the final word Jesus uses here, is not defined by subjective experience, but rather a much bigger everything-encompassing type of understanding that comes from a loving relationship with God our Father. 

Jesus helps us to shift our understanding of worship from outward experiences to the relationship of a child with their loving Father. We as children get to connect with our Heavenly Dad’s Spirit as one who is worthy. This is where we find the gift of a truth we can live by.

written by KATH HENRY


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About this Plan

Real Hope: Worship

What does worship mean to you? To so many, worship means the time in a church service where we sing songs to praise God. However, worship is so much more than that. This plan aims to explore what worship really means and...


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