How to Make the Most of Your Devotional Time

How to Make the Most of Your Devotional Time

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Daily Devotionals and Time 

Christians know that we should spend time in God’s Word and His presence daily. Sometimes, the believer wonders how much time is enough for such personal Bible study? If someone spends several hours a day listening to sermon material is that enough, or is it too much? Some people feel guilty, thinking that they do not dedicate enough time to their daily devotionals. Others feel overwhelmed by the amount of material they feel obligated to cover during these spiritual exercises. 

If we study church history and look at the devotional lives of various ministers of God, we notice that each of them spent various amounts of time praying and reading the Bible. There is no set rule for this personal practice. Some Christian ministers spent hours every day studying the Word of God; others did not. Many of life’s circumstances factor into how much time daily we can dedicate to our spiritual devotion. Time availability can be influenced by the individual’s workload and family obligations.

In addition, the amount of time one spends studying the Bible and meditating on it in prayer also depends on the season of life that the person is in. For example, some people dedicate more time to their devotional life when they are younger. This might change when the individuals get married and assume other responsibilities. At the same time, when a person retires, such individual might be able to spend more time in daily Bible study. The Scripture gives us freedom in the amount of time we dedicate to studying God’s Word and prayer. What is clear from the Word of God is that this time needs to be a consistent, daily occurrence.

The Old Testament tells us that we need to meditate on God’s Word day and night. The Scripture should never depart from our minds. The New Testament also encourages us to make the best use of our time because we live in an evil world. We should not live as unbelievers. Everything we do with the 24 hours allotted to us daily should reflect our love for our Savior. We have to reveal the nature of God with our lifestyle. To do that we need to study the Lord’s character as it is described in His Word and reflect Him in our everyday lives. 

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How to Make the Most of Your Devotional Time

Believers need to study God’s Word and pray regularly. Many Christians wonder how to make these personal spiritual exercises effective. This devotional discusses the time, purpose, and content of our daily devotionals. I...

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