Love of Three

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Love to God.

Jesus said: "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.”  (Matthew 22:37)

This is the first love that we must develop. When the Bible tells us about loving God, it doesn't mean just saying it, but feeling it. This verse commands us to love Him with our whole being; our heart, soul, and mind.

With all your heart: What is the heart? It's a vital organ of our body. Loving God with all our heart means making our lives and actions praise him.

With all your soul: The soul is our spirit; it's what we have inside, what we are. Loving God with our whole being represents that we always want to please and obey him. 

With all your mind: The mind is where our ideas and thoughts are. It's where we plan each action before carrying it out. Loving God with our mind means thinking peace, hope, and good intentions. Reminding ourselves every day how great and good the Lord has been to us and acting accordingly.

Love to God is born out of the gratitude that we feel towards Him. What has the Creator done for you? As we think about this, we can't help but love him.

I love God because He saved my life, gave me purpose, and has never forsaken me. I love God because He loved me first, and He shows it to me every day. Why do you love him?

Prayer: Lord, help me to love You with all of me. Thank You for your kindness and care throughout my life; signs of Your great love for me. I want You to be my first and my best.