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Prayer: A Powerful Business StrategySample

Prayer: A Powerful Business Strategy

DAY 1 OF 3

Time is a person’s most valuable commodity and is often extremely scarce for someone in the marketplace. However, I believe that prioritizing time to build your intimacy with the Lord is the most powerful strategy you can implement to achieve business success.

God’s greatest desire is for us to communicate with Him. This is evidenced right from the beginning of time when the Lord created millions of different species of animals and plants, yet none had the capability or the capacity to understand that their maker was a spirit-being. As a result, the Lord created mankind in His image. This meant He created mankind as spirit-beings for the specific purpose of communicating with Him.

Therefore, we need to talk to the Lord about our questions, concerns, and ideas, and then provide an opportunity to hear His response! By taking a full day to isolate myself from any distractions, I have allowed God to guide me into massive success that I could never have accomplished on my own. 

Here is a video that documents how far out into the Australian bush I go to set up for a proper pray day:

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Prayer: A Powerful Business Strategy

If you have ever wondered how to grow a business to a massive level, then this might be both unexpected and valuable for you to know. One of the key reasons why my business has grown exponentially is because I consistent...


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