True Spirituality

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Where True Spirituality Begins

“God, if you exist, show yourself to me.” 

That was the first honest prayer I think I’d ever prayed. I was heading off to college. I had a scholarship, a pretty girlfriend, and big plans, but I felt empty and alone. So I prayed for God to reveal Himself. 

He did. A few weeks later I prayed to receive Christ at a camp for Christian athletes. God began to answer some big questions about life:

·  What does God want from me? 

·  What does it look like to be an authentic Christian? 

·  If being a Christian isn’t about following a set of rules or measuring up to a standard, what is about? 

·  What is the true spiritual life? 

Where did God start in my transformation? Romans 12:1-2. It captured so much of the meaning of life. How God’s great mercy opens the way for us to give our lives to Him. How it’s not about religious activities or keeping rules. 

And how it’s about an intimate relationship with Him that is loaded with implications that play out in every area of our lives. 

True spirituality begins in that intimate relationship.

That’s God’s desire for every one of us. He wants us to learn to live out the grace and favor we’ve already been given, and He wants us to become more like His Son so we can enjoy and love Him—and love others the way He loves them. 

It’s a total reorientation of life.

Many Christians aren’t experiencing the fullness of that relationship. But Romans 12 assures us that we can. 

True spirituality is the fruit of you and I responding to God's invitation to an intimate relationship with Him. Are you willing to respond by faith to God’s instructions?

When you do, your hearts and lives sync with Him, and you will be filled with His life, passion, and purpose, and live a life of true spirituality.