Eyes on Jesus


There’s a lot of farming analogies in the Bible and unless you are proficient in agriculture, it can be lost in translation. I can understand what Paul is trying to say here, but for the culture at the time, this was their life and livelihood! 

Farmers put a lot of time and effort into planting and cultivating a crop for an eventual reward—the harvest. The harvest not only fed their families but also allowed for them to pay for everything else, as well as to support the local community. 

I think of the Little House on the Prairie series I used to watch as a kid. Pa would spend time planting, but then he might get hurt, or there would be a tornado, a frost, a storm, or any number of other tragedies that would make for a good episode. If a crop were lost, it was devastating to the family. The blood, sweat, and tears put into seeing the crop to harvest were all worth the effort because it meant food on the table.

It’s important for us as Christians to remember that we don’t always reap in the same season we sow. 

It’s easy to think in our microwave culture that if I don’t see the immediate results of my good actions (like tithing, being faithful, avoiding sin, or loving my neighbor) that they won’t come. However, God promises that the last will be first and the first will be last. We have an eternal reward but also earthly blessings if we follow God. However, we must remember to not make the blessing our focus instead of focusing on God. 

There are also consequences for sin; we will reap what we sow when it comes to unrepentant sin. Everything that is in the dark will be brought to light the Bible says (Luke 12.2). Even if it looks like we “got away” with something, we really didn’t. God sees all and even though grace can cover our salvation, it doesn’t prevent earthly results from our stupid mistakes. This is why keeping your eyes on Jesus and discernment are so important!

Reflect: What am I sowing now into my life and those around me? What is the future harvest that I can expect from my actions today?