Win! 5 Day Devotional for Your Victory!

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Sometimes we hold ourselves back from winning! But no more!

There are some behaviors and attitudes that many of us adopt as children that are encouraged and laughed at as cute. Our loved ones thought it was just plain cute when we exhibited that particular behavior or said that particular thing. "Oh!, How cute!", they would say to our younger, immature selves.

Those behaviors and attitudes that we had at such early ages often become part of who we are as we get older and move into adulthood, if we aren't careful. The cuteness has worn off and we can become annoying to many. The attitudes and behaviors don't really FIT anymore. In fact, those same attitudes and behaviors are now considered ABNORMAL for your present age and life. They can begin causing distress and strife in your relationships and the older, but still immature you may still want to be dealt with in the same manner that you were dealt with when you were a teen or a child. Those behaviors and attitudes are no longer cute or acceptable for someone of your age, and although you should be winning, your lacking character development has caused you to lose in many areas. 

Character development in human beings is the sole responsibility of parents in the parent-child relationship. If this crucial piece is not an on-going work, the child suffers. Once the child is old enough to leave the nest, it is their responsibility to continue to develop the character that is fitting an adult. 

Have you been held back or held yourself back in some areas?

Was it considered cute, but is now a hindrance? 

Take the reins back on your character development and WIN! No one likes to deal with adults who act like children. The maturation process must continue in life no matter what! 

Paul spoke to the church at Galatia about the fruit of the spirit for a reason. These seeds are planted into the heart of every Believer upon entry into the Kingdom. It is our job to nurture the seeds, allow God to water the seeds, and to help the seeds to grow and to produce. 

Today, you will no longer hold yourself back from producing a WINNING lifestyle because of poor character development.

Today, you WIN!