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You’ve never changed, but we change in awe of You. Unsearchable grace! We're amazed in awe of You. Help us see what You see, believe what You believe. 

Change is something we have all gone through at some time in our lives. We have experienced changes in relationships and situations, which may leave us feeling confused, stretched, or broken. Many of us see change as a negative, as a harbinger of death.

Christ underwent the most dramatic change in history. He went from being publicly praised (Matthew 21:1–11) to being publicly mocked, tortured, and crucified (Mark 15). Despite His tumultuous journey, His character and submission to His Father remained the same. 

He knows and understands the essence of change, and He understands our pain. Jesus is faithful, and so is the Father. Our Heavenly Father has never once changed in His love or in His consistent grace. His omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience have never faltered. His faithfulness and love for His children have never once shifted. His character and will are steadfast forever.

Through His unchanging and perfect love for us, He tells us that we are to become a new creation from the inside out. Because of our flesh, this transformation is not always comfortable. However, if we let the Holy Spirit cut off anything in us that is not pleasing to Him, we become like a “tree planted by the streams of water, which yields its fruit in season, whose leaves do not wither, and whatever [we] do [will] prosper.”

When we ask the Lord to “take us higher” we must be aware that it is not a one-time occurrence, and that it does not always look beautiful. It can be difficult to remain faithful and steadfast, like Christ did. “Take Us Higher” is not just a song lyric, but a life declaration. 

Are you willing to let Him take you higher?

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