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Real Hope: Where Is God?Sample

Real Hope: Where Is God?

DAY 5 OF 5

Where Is God When People Are Living In Poverty?

My response when asked this question is to pause and wonder what the deeper questioning is. Those deeper questions are often more personal to the inquirer containing thoughts and emotions that deserve to be heard and held with care.

Although I cannot answer the deeper questions here, I do feel to share one small thought. This thought has been formed in my spirit from sitting with both those who only see their perceived lack yet live with wealth, and also listening and working with those who have been labeled, by a global description, as the poorest of the poor. Both these ways of being rob humanity of the dignity God intended. I believe that God is asking us to both give and receive dignity. 

God is working in us, through us, around us, and despite us. However, it seems His first choice is to work in us and through us. That means God is in me and working through me when I care about all people living a dignified life. It also means God’s fingerprint is in and on those I meet who recognize where my life lacks dignity and show me how to grow. Those who have most inspired me with their personal dignity are from both the wealthiest and the most poverty-stricken places on earth. I’ve been able to help others who are both wealthy and poor to live with greater dignity. Perhaps a deeper question to explore is how does dignity overcome poverty?

The urgency you feel today may be an invitation from God. Ask yourself, ‘Where am I when people are living in poverty? How am I giving and receiving dignity?’

written by KATH HENRY


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Real Hope: Where Is God?

Have you ever struggled with your mental health, financial difficulties, or relationships and thought, 'where is God?' Or turned on the news to see chaos, war, and famine and wondered where He is in the midst of it all. ...


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