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Real Hope: Where Is God?Sample

Real Hope: Where Is God?

DAY 1 OF 5

Where Is God In Difficult Seasons?

My husband has longed to take me to a place he visited when he was a child. Away from the city life, and city lights and into the outback where we will be able to see an entire black sky lit up with the beauty of stars sparkling brighter than I’ve ever seen!

Charles Spurgeon said, ‘Hope itself is like a star – not to be seen in the sunshine of prosperity, and only to be discovered in the night of adversity.’ 

Sometimes we can find ourselves walking blindly in the dark and wondering if God is even with us. If you’re facing what you would call a dark season – one of grief, loneliness, anxiety, or hopelessness. Let me reassure you, the same God who formed the stars holds your hand, even in the dark! In Psalm 139, King David writes with a knowing – to escape from God, for whatever reason, is impossible! For not only is God omniscient, but He is also omnipresent. From the moment David was just an embryo in the womb of his mother, God had been with David.

Look up at the sky and be reminded that hope is real; it is a hope that does not waver through trial or storm. It is a hope anchored to the sure and steady rock of the God of Heaven. 

written by HEIDI WYSMAN
Day 2

About this Plan

Real Hope: Where Is God?

Have you ever struggled with your mental health, financial difficulties, or relationships and thought, 'where is God?' Or turned on the news to see chaos, war, and famine and wondered where He is in the midst of it all. ...


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