7 Days Of Praying Through Loss

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Recovering From Loss

Jesus wept from grief at the death of his friend Lazarus. He was well acquainted with sorrows. Whatever grief or loss we experience, God understands. In fact, the Holy Spirit is also called the Comforter. Surely one of His comforts is peace when we grieve a profound loss. What loss has caused you grief? Take it to the Lord. Don’t let your grief become a source of bitterness that gives the enemy a foot in the door.

God longs for a deep and abiding relationship with you. Because He is dependable, He wants you to depend on Him. God can use your sorrows to strengthen your relationship with Him.

If you are healthy, you aren’t likely to be going to the doctor’s office anytime soon. This is because everything in your body seems to be working and doing what it is supposed to do. But when you become sick, and especially if that sickness continues for a long time, chances are that you will make an appointment to go visit your doctor. You will choose to enter into your doctor’s presence.

Similarly, sometimes God allows loss in your life to get your focus back onto Him. He doesn’t want you to walk this road alone. He is with you even when you forget that He’s there. He longs to be close to you.

Are you in a situation that wants to eat you alive? Are you finding yourself with less and less hope each day? Do you ever feel overwhelmed with regret over what you have lost?

If that describes your situation, then I want nothing more than to remind you that Jesus is with you. He is right there with you right now. And I want you to fully know that because He is with you, His power and His grace are with you. And His power and grace will comfort you.

God sometimes calls us to walk through a valley. I can’t promise that life will be without wind, clouds, and rain. But I can promise that you don’t have to walk through the valley of loss alone. If you will cast your eyes on Jesus Christ, He will meet you where you are. So keep walking. Don’t throw in the towel. Don’t say that you can’t make it, because God will make it with you. You don’t walk this road alone.

Let's pray:
"Lord, You are the creator of all things. In fact, You hold all things in Your hand. Nothing that I have lost in my life came as a surprise to You. You are aware of it all and You sovereignly allowed it all. Help restore my trust and hope where it has been broken. Give me a heart that longs for Your will in my life. And please help transition my thoughts off of what I have lost and onto the promises I have in You - with one of those promises being that You will never leave me nor forsake me. In Christ's name, amen."


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