Breaking the Miracle Barrier


 The “Sound of Now”

Within all the important talk among significant Bible teachers about the good fight of faith, persistent faith, enduring faith and the like, there is a unique expression of desperate faith that I call the “sound of now.” One definition of desperate is “having lost hope,” and this desperation—that which sits right on the edge of hopelessness—is part and parcel of the sound of now. This desperate faith arises only when we have lost hope in our own ability to see the prayer answer we need.

This sound manifests when we come to the end of ourselves and all our striving. It is a sound that emanates from our souls when we realize that no amount of work, no amount of money—nothing but God’s answer to our prayer can bring the breakthrough. It is a sound that echoes in the spirit when we finally grasp the reality that only the Breaker Himself can step into our circumstances and bend them toward His will.

What sound do you make when you are frustrated? Do you release desperate faith—the sound of now—or do you release the sound of anger at God because your hope is deferred and your heart is sick? What sound do you make when you feel defeated? Do you release desperate faith, or do you gripe about your experience? The sound of now defies our feelings as we release our cries in response to what God has said instead of what the enemy is saying. This holy desperation comes from a heart that walks by faith and not by sight.

Desperate faith—the type of faith undaunted by obstacles, opposition and odds—is the very fabric of the sound of now. It does not give up in the face of the challenge to hold on to a promise, but is supercharged with even more determination to see God’s will come to pass. Desperate faith has nothing left to lose except the promise—and refuses to lose at any cost.

We cannot decide on a whim to release desperate faith, but we should be encouraged that when we understand how desperate we really are, we are getting close to releasing the sound of now that causes Jesus to stop dead in His tracks, look our way and ask us what we want.