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Book of Haggai

DAY 1 OF 3


Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.” Colossians 3:2

Usually, when a country experiences an economic problem, people and media will turn their attention to the minister of finance and economy. All are curious about the reasons and how the minister will solve the nation’s economic downturn. 

God told Haggai the reason for the problem faced by the Israelites at that time. It turned out that the Israelites could only reap a little harvest because they paid more attention to their own affairs and interests rather than the interests of the things above. 

Jesus taught us to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all those things will be added to us. Going about it the other way will only cause problems and a lot of losses.

God does not ask us to be lazy in our work but the most important thing that God wants us to do is to seek first the things above. These refer to our worship, our relationship with the Lord, and our pursuit and experience with the Holy Spirit, the presence of God. Are we willing to sacrifice our time to be with the Lord?

The Lord provided a solution to the Israelites. God would intervene and fulfill their needs if they were willing to remember the Lord by building His temple. God will always make the harvest happen because He is the source of the abundance.

If we only see a little harvest these days, this means that God wants us to be closer to Him from the previous days. God wants us to pay more attention and spend more of our time pursuing Him and experiencing the fullness of His Spirit. God is reminding us to build His temple, which refers to our spirit.

Do you know that your true life is your spirit?

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Book of Haggai

This devotion taken from Book of Haggai will equip you with biblical truths and guide you to practice it daily as you continu...


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