Real Hope: Gideon

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Underdog Stories Are The Best Stories

Judges 6 is our earliest encounter with Gideon. A person who thirsts for justice for his nation but can only see the bitter taste of defeat. Out-gunned and out-matched, he has resigned to defeat. Midianites are too strong and Gideon is from the weakest tribe. 

Where is God in all of this! Why was 2020 so terrible! 

Ever feel like you’re in a bind and no matter what you do the situation doesn’t seem to budge? Perhaps you’ve had the gentle prompt of the Lord and you are flabbergasted that God would even use you. The situation is hopeless and you certainly aren’t the best person for the job. 

Verse 16 offers all the confidence you need. It was the same confidence given to Gideon. I AM WITH YOU.

It was never about the situation or the person, it was always about God. God using the broken and ill-equipped to do the incredible. Don’t doubt what can be accomplished when the Lord moves ahead of you.