Jesus: My Resting Place


Mighty God 

In this passage, the term used for "God" is taken from the Hebrew root, "El", which means strength. Isaiah adds the adjective “mighty” to portray the omnipotence of Christ—His magnificent deity and His position as first and foremost. 

Charles Spurgeon writes, "Christ is indeed called at this day, and shall be called to the end of the world, "the mighty God." His name is above every name. Who can control the hand of the One who is Lord of lords and the King of kings? What is there that our mighty, omnipotent God cannot do? There is nothing He cannot do! He has unlimited power and authority." 

When we are feeling weak, overwhelmed, misunderstood, or anxious, Jesus is our resting place. He is almighty! He is all-powerful! He does have the whole world in His hands. We can completely rest knowing He will take care of everything. He always has and He always will. 

Everlasting Father

Historically, the role of a father of a family was to protect and provide for his wife and children. Isaiah prophesied that the Child who was to be born, would not only be King but would also be the Father to the children of Israel. His role as protector and provider would be, for now, and for eternity. As the Messiah, His ultimate protection and provision for His family would be through His death, burial, and resurrection on their behalf. When we become a part of His family we place our trust in Christ and look to Him to forgive our sins, provide our salvation, and protect us from the wrath we so deserve.

When we are overwhelmed by our sins and failures Jesus is our resting place. We find the rest we need knowing that He has done what we could not do. He paid the debt of sin we could not pay. Our sins have been accounted for. There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. There is now no fear because the Lord has covered our sin and our punishment has been borne by Him.  

Jesus is your resting place: Draw near to Him. Bring every fear and every sin to Him. He is able and has taken care of it all. He has you and He has the outcome in His hands!