Book of Habakkuk

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But know that the Lord has set apart for Himself him who is godly; the Lord will hear when I call to Him. (Psalms 4:3)

The prophet Habakkuk lived at a time when the Israelites lived in darkness, oppression, and persecution.. This situation made Habakkuk struggle. 

Habakkuk decided to seek the Lord and bring the matter of the nation of Israel before Him. In his struggle, Habakkuk asked the Lord how long it would take to see the end of it. Sometimes we struggle with problems and then look for shortcuts to get out or even try to run away from our problems. We may also have asked the Lord, “How long will it take, O Lord, for all of these problems to end? When will our prayers be answered, Lord God?”

A struggle is a situation that sometimes God allows to happen to us so that we do not forget the Lord and our reliance on Him. The struggle will also make us strong in faith and spirit. God wants to see and train us through a struggle. Jacob had to wrestle first before getting his blessing. Through struggles, we are being prepared by the Lord to go up to the next level.

God wants to purify our hearts and bring us closer to Him through our struggles. Jesus said that apart from Him, we cannot do anything. This means that the more we cling to the Lord, the more we will know our God: and behind all of these struggles, God will surely provide a way out for us. There is a blessing in disguise in every situation.

What are our struggles these days? Have we come to the Lord? Come to God, bow down at His feet, and cry out to Him. Cry out to God in praise and worship, cry out to Him to glorify His name, and cry out to God to exalt Him above all of our struggles, for His name is the name above all names. Do not give up hope but keep on crying out to the Lord. 

He understands and knows what is best for us in our struggles.