Let You Be

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The Waiting Game 

Waiting on God can sometimes feel like waiting for a lifetime. For many of us, as Christians, this is a difficult season in our Christian walk. As a generation, we simply do NOT want to wait. We want everything right now: answers, success, and our desires. 

Truth is, we are expected to wait on God because He works in his own time. He knows just what we need and when. In fact, he assures us that those who wait on him will find more strength because it is a true testament of our faith in him. God hears our complaints during our ‘waiting season’ and he is moved by how well we wait (Isaiah 40:31).

The wait is not easy, but it is worth it. When I graduated from university, I found it difficult to get a job. I sent over one hundred applications. I lost hope and felt that God wasn’t working. However, it’s in our waiting that God is working most. After waiting for over one year, I was blessed with a job I would have never expected to get. It exceeded my expectations. I found that when I waited on God, relied solely on him, and finally landed the job of my dreams, I appreciated it more and was filled with so much gratitude. 

What am I saying here? There is a reason for your waiting season. There is something God is doing and believe me He is working (Jeremiah 29:11).

My encouragement to you today is to keep waiting on God. Stay in the ‘waiting game.’ Here are five things to do whilst waiting on God:

1.  Don’t stop praying 

2.  Read and stay in the word of God

3.  Search your heart

4.  Stay grateful 

5.  Stay hopeful