Allo Mate! Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus

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"His Love"

If you’re at school and you don’t do your homework, you’ll probably get a detention. If you’re caught on a train without a ticket, you’ll probably get a fine. Whenever we do something wrong, there’s a consequence that we must be prepared for. A perfect God created a perfect world with perfect people and Adam and Eve disobeyed what he had told them to do. If someone stole something from my house and the police chose to ignore it, that wouldn’t be fair. In the same way, if God ignored Adam and Eve’s sin, it wouldn’t be the fair thing to do. 

The Bible explains to us that the punishment for sin is death, but God doesn’t want us to die. He wants us to have life and life to the full. Because of His love for us, He sent his only son Jesus, who had never sinned, to be the sacrifice for all of our mistakes. Jesus completely trusted His father and died a horrible death so that we wouldn’t have to. Three days later He rose again and He is STILL alive.  Every drop of blood that he shed on that cross was a sacrifice for us, even though we didn’t deserve it. Nothing but the blood of Jesus can save us and that amazing grace is available to anyone who believes. 

Prayer: Jesus thank you that you chose to put yourself in my place. Thank you that even though you were a perfect man, you selflessly took responsibility for my mistakes so that I could have a future. I pray that I never take this for granted. Thank you for what the Bible says in Ephesians 2:8. That it is by grace I have been saved, through faith. And this is not my own doing: it is a gift from God. Amen.