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Utter Reliance On Him


Since becoming a parent four years ago my life has never been the same. As I’m learning and working to become the best father I could ever be, I constantly find myself feeling like I am re-discovering God and re-learning what it means to be his child. 

I remember when my daughter was first born, I’d often ponder on the utter reliance she had on my wife and I to eat, clothe her, keep her safe and warm, etc. As she’s grown and therefore become more independent, in her mind she often thinks that because she doesn’t need us for certain things, she doesn’t need us at all.

Aren’t we like that sometimes with God? As we grow and mature in our walk with him, we often think that because we can do some things on our own, we don’t need him at all.  Oftentimes we lose sight of our need of him and we get overconfident and misplace our trust. 


In which areas of our lives have we become too independent of God and allowed worry to creep in as a result of doing things on our own?


Our Father in heaven, may I always remember, acknowledge, and lean into my utter reliance on you. May I continue to learn to trust you in every area of my life as I know that you are a loving Father. Amen