Waiting for the Savior


Waiting for a son: Mary

During this Christmas season, many of us seem to be in waiting for something. When we were little it was those shiny new toys. Now, for most of us, it's probably the yummy food we get to eat alongside our families on Christmas Day.

Yet, could you image what it felt like to await the actual birth of Christ? He was the promised Savior of the world for whom countless generations had faithfully waited. The Messiah born unto a virgin. Mary was God’s chosen servant to carry the greatest gift the world had ever seen inside of her. No pressure, right?

Those nine months must have felt like a lifetime. All eyes were on her, intensified with rumors, whispers and false ideas about her character. In a season of waiting like this one, it points brightly to the intentionality of God’s nature. When God speaks, He always brings peace and a favor to carry out the assignment at hand. This hope changes everything knowing that our Lord cannot fail and is faithful to complete every good work.

Mary had an assignment unlike any other. A mission that called for faith and complete dependence on the words of God. Mary was spoken to by the angel Gabriel to bring her that same comfort that she would be okay and was equipped to carry out this miraculous promise.

As believers today, we have a similar expectation for the Son of God to return with His Kingdom. The body of believers today can have reassurance in the hope that our Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace is alive and well. Jesus was born to a virgin who humbly trusted God at His word. Rejoice today. Rejoice in this season of waiting. Rejoice always. The promises of the Lord do not fail.