Live in God's Will

Live in God's Will

DAY 6 OF 15


                                    Part Two: What’s God’s Will for Us to Do?

DAY 6: Live in God’s will by doing His work. 

What is God’s will for us to do? We learned in Part 1 of this study that God’s will for us is to become holy, sanctified, and more like Him. But why? It is because He has an extraordinary plan for each of our lives. He wants us to join Him in His mission, His work, and His purposes. 

God wants us to lift our eyes and see the people around us. He wants us to get to know our neighbors, our co-workers, our classmates. God wants us to not just smile and say, “Hi.” He wants us to be intentional to get to know them on a deeper level. That way, we are able to show them the love of Christ and share the gospel with them. People are hurting all around us. People need hope. People need freedom from their sins and addictions. People need to know they are deeply loved and valued. People need to know they have a greater purpose in life than making money or having a particular position in society. 

We may assume people’s lives are fine. They seem happy enough. We may assume they aren’t ready to hear the gospel or respond to Jesus. God does not want us to make that decision for people. He says that there are people all around us who are ready to hear the gospel and respond. He calls it the harvest. He wants us to be a part of planting seeds by engaging in spiritual conversations. He wants us to till the soil of their hearts by discussing their assumptions about God and the Bible. He wants us to water the soil of their hearts with prayer, love, and truth found in the Word. And for some, He wants us to share the gospel and invite them to have a personal relationship with Jesus. 

Jesus said to lift our eyes and see that the fields are ripe for harvest. We are to engage in reaping the souls of people for the Kingdom of God. Maybe we just begin the conversation and get them curious about Christ. Perhaps we get to bring them to the point of surrender, and they accept Jesus. Our role in the harvest changes with each person. But one thing is certain: God’s will for us is the same as His will was for Jesus. We are to accomplish His work. Jesus was fully satisfied doing God’s will by accomplishing the Kingdom work set before Him. Jesus saw that the will of God in His life was to be a sent one. God’s will was not just for Jesus to die for our sins, but for Jesus to impact lives during His time on earth. This is God’s will for us as well! 

God’s will for us is to be sent ones. He is sending us out to engage with people because His Word says many are ready to accept Christ. The reality is, they just don’t understand who Jesus is, why He came, and how He can transform their lives for eternity. The harvest is here, right now, in front of us, if we are willing to look up and see the people around us.

· Who around you may not know Jesus? How can you get to know them better? How might you be able to engage with them in a spiritual conversation? 

· What priorities might need to change in your life to have the time to focus on being a sent one? 


Lord, help me to want to engage in the spiritual work You have for me to do with the people around me. Help me to embrace my role as a sent one, knowing You will guide me and give me the wisdom and strength to engage with others. Please show me who I can be more intentional with and how to sow seeds of the gospel into our conversations. Amen. 


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Live in God's Will

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