Live in God's Will

Live in God's Will

DAY 8 OF 15

                                     Part Two: What’s God’s Will for Us to Do?

DAY 8: Live in God’s will by pursuing those who go astray. 

Sometimes it is tough to love a person who has walked away from God. They seem to lose their convictions and begin engaging in things that were unacceptable to them before. They don’t seem to care about the possible consequences of their decisions. Addictions are formed. Relationships are severed. They push themselves away from us and a healthy Christian community. When this occurs, we can feel distant from them. What will our response be? Will we intentionally pursue them and try to understand why they are walking away? Or, will we be turned off by their choices and start to despise them?

This is not how God sees His wayward children. He sees them as sheep without a Shepherd. Most likely, they had no one discipling them to grow in their relationship with the Lord. They had no accountability to help with temptation. So, the world crept in and enticed them. They veered off the path, little by little. Now they have no clue how to get back to the safe place of a deep, intimate relationship with the Lord. 

God sends us to the lost to share the gospel. God also sends us to intentionally pursue those who have walked off the path of obedience and gone their own way. God doesn’t give up on us. God doesn’t give up on them. This means God wants us to not give up on them either. 

It can be very intimidating to pursue someone who has walked away from God. They might have anger toward God or other Christians. They may be harboring deep hurt that we can’t just brush away. They might be wrestling with something in the Bible that they don’t know how to agree with or submit to. They might feel defeated by their secret struggles and have decided it’s too hard to fight for freedom. They might think that living the ways of the world will bring greater happiness and fulfillment than following Christ. 

Coming alongside friends who have walked away may seem awkward and uncomfortable, but God has given us the Holy Spirit to guide us in our relationship with them. He will show us what to say and do. Walking with them on their spiritual journey takes time, intentionality, and persistence. How loved might this person feel if they knew we were there for them, no matter what?  Our lead foot should be to listen to their journey, learn what it’s been like, and then humbly offer to guide them into God’s truth. Fervently pray for them, knowing it is God who will reveal Himself to them and soften their hearts. He invites us to be a part of that process. Will you join Him? 

· What is your attitude toward those who are not walking with Jesus but claim to be Christians? 

· Who do you know that has gone astray? How might God want you to engage with them as a shepherd? What’s your first step? 


Father, thank You that You pursue us even when we go astray. Thank You that You desire to rescue those who have walked away from You. Help me to have compassion, mercy, and love toward those who are not walking with You. Show me how I can come alongside them in their journey and guide them toward You. Amen. 

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