One Minute Apologist "The Fi5th Gospel"

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What Is The Fifth Gospel About?

Most people read the title and assume I am committing Heresy. I assure you that I have not stumbled upon some new revelation. I am not presenting some “lost Gospel”

The Nineteenth-century British evangelist, Rodney (Gypsy) Smith once quipped, “There are five Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and the Christian, but most people never read the first four.”

Talk about Twitter material.

The early church grasped the gravity of Gypsy Smith’s words by living the Gospel. It was the Gospel fleshed out in their daily lives that made the Gospel so compelling to those getting saved. They lived if they really believed it. With conviction, fervor, zeal, and a white-hot passion for Jesus Christ. Their belief was tangible. So real, so firm, so raw was their conviction that their message blasted off through their lives from Jerusalem and would eventually reach out to the ends of the earth. Unfortunately, today, many Christians treat the Gospel like fine china, brought out only on special occasions. Or like an ancient artifact displayed in a glass case, something you talk about in the event someone inquires about it. The only “lost Gospel” is the one housed in the hearts of believers, a Gospel pleading to be released.

The Fifth Gospel is an appeal for a watching world to witness the reality of Christ through the lives of His followers.



Is your faith on display for all to see? Or, is it stored away only to be brought out on special occasions. Over the next few days ask yourself, “Do I live out the Gospel message on a daily basis?” If I am the only Gospel people will ever experience are they experiencing the true Gospel?


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