Walk on Water

Day 2 of 3 • This day’s reading


I’ve got a faith deeper than feelings because I know a name that’s greater than the storm

Getting out of the boat is a huge step, but it’s only half the battle. Once you decide to get out of the boat, you’ve got to fix your focus. 

As we continue reading this story in Matthew, we see Peter climb out of the boat at Jesus’ command and start walking on water. Peter was literally making history and things were going well — until he saw the strength of the wind. When he took his eyes off Jesus to assess the situation he became afraid and then he began to sink. 

He made a move based off of what he heard, but he fell because of what he saw

Peter’s sight was actually the thing that tripped him up. Maybe that’s why the Bible says we are to walk by faith and not by sight. 

Once Peter stepped out of the boat, the waves were none of his concern and the same is true for you. What you choose to ignore is just as important as the things you lean into. You’ll never walk on water by measuring the waves and calculating the wind. If that’s your strategy, then you’ve got more faith in the storm than the God who reigns over it. 

Trust that if God called you, He’s got you.

He’s such a wonderful Savior that He’ll catch you when you fall, even if you fall because you lost focus. He didn’t roll His eyes at Peter and say, “You failed the test! Good luck swimming back to the boat in this weather!” Jesus reached out His hand and caught Peter and He’ll catch you too. 

Pastor Steven Furtick said it best — “Sometimes to get deeper in your faith you just need to fall in the right place.” 

Ask God to reveal to you what holds your focus this week. Are you clinging to His word or are you focused on the weather?