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Discover the Wrong You Were Born to Make RightSample

Discover the Wrong You Were Born to Make Right

DAY 1 OF 5

When God was laying out the strategy for the entire world, He wrote your name down on this day, in your place, with your passions, for a reason. I don’t know exactly what it looked like for God to create this grand strategy. But I like to imagine what it could have been like.

I imagine: Before the first flash of light ever comes into existence, Father, Spirit, and Son are sitting together at a table. Next to the table is a large whiteboard, too big to even describe. And the Spirit begins to say the names, one by one, of the people who will one day inhabit the earth God is about to create.

As the Father hears each name, a fond smile spreads across His face as He thinks about one of that person’s funny quirks, or a sweet story from their childhood, or a magical moment they’ll encounter as an adult. He turns around and writes that name in bold ink on the whiteboard, with arrows and dotted lines and circles connecting each person into the grand story He is weaving. As He writes each name, the web grows thicker, and each name becomes more and more essential. A name is no longer just a name. It is a person who will influence another person, who will influence another person, who will influence another person. It goes on and on and on.

Finally, the Spirit says, “That’s all of our children.”

Father, Son, and Spirit take a step back and look lovingly at this whiteboard full of names. A masterpiece of people. A web of impact. A mosaic of lives and talents and places and passions and dreams and callings and encounters and stories. 

Then, with the air full of expectancy, God loudly proclaims, “Let there be light.” And the world begins. 

Where are your arrows pointing? What injustice could be crossed off because your name comes onto the scene? What names will never point their arrows outward unless your arrow points towards them?

You are not an extra name, a last-minute addition, or a forgotten element. You have an essential, pivotal role in God’s strategy for the redemption and restoration of this world. Do not miss it. Do not waste your life wondering when someone will finally invite you to participate. Because the very moment God placed you on this earth, He was issuing you and me an invitation to life.

Are you ready? Let’s live lives that really matter. 

Question: Take some time to reflect on the picture of your name on a whiteboard. Whose arrows are pointing towards your name? Where are your arrows pointing? 


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Discover the Wrong You Were Born to Make Right

Here’s to you. The wild. The risky. The rebels. This study is about passion and purpose and what makes our souls come alive. This is about unity and peace and real, authentic, costly love. This is about a Jesus who is be...


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