In this age of technology and social media, have you heard people say that when they say something about a product out loud, or they search for something online, that their social media accounts begin to show them ads for those very things? Someone is always listening or watching. From the nosey neighbor looking out the window, to the camera on the corner, or technology recording your every word. Some people get really uptight thinking about who’s watching. They want their thoughts, conversations and actions to be private. I personally have thought that if you’re not doing anything wrong, what does it matter who’s listening/watching. But, have you ever thought about God listening, seeing, knowing everything about you, even knowing what you’ll do before you do it? If you think about it, the things we want to be kept private are never going to be private from God. God is always with you. Are you living for this world, or are you living for Jesus?

What would you do differently in your life if you could physically see Jesus walking beside you every minute of every day, just listening and watching every move you make? What do you do now that you would feel guilty about and how could you change your ways to be more Christ-like?