Trusting God When The Road Gets Tough

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Trusting God With The Wins and Losses 

by Erica Bostick

I just overheard a video that my daughter was watching on YouTube. It’s a Lego reenactment of Frozen (the movie). Olaf, who is this hilarious, talking snowman from Frozen said, “I guess everyone's a winner and a loser.” I wasn’t even watching the video and just overheard that line but it struck me how true that statement is. People always say “everyone's a winner,” but we all have wins and we all have losses. Yet, neither define who we are. 

This is something that I have to constantly remind myself of and is especially applicable in our current life phase. My family and I have had so many “wins” and exciting things happening in our lives. We just bought a new house! It’s so exciting to have a place to make our own and call “home.” It’s been so good and we’re incredibly grateful. But at the same time, it’s been a stressful process!

In the midst of buying the house and all the stresses that come with that, I’ve also been trying to keep up with work, deal with COVID and get our kids ready to start school. I’ve felt overwhelmed, and I’m not handling it the greatest. There have been several occasions where I feel like I’ve disappointed everyone, like I let people down. I hate when that happens because I can become hard on myself and get upset about it.

Through all that, God just kept reminding me to keep my eyes on Him and who He says that I am. We’re all going to have wins and losses but none of those define who we are. We have to pick ourselves up, do the best that we can, keep moving forward and trust God with the rest. We have to be careful not to wallow in the bad moments; but also not get too swept away in the good moments. We can quickly lose sight of God in either moment. We have to remember that it all comes from God and it’s not by our own doing. It’s not always easy, but we have to strive to trust Him, both in the good and hard moments.

If you want an extra challenge, pray this potentially life altering prayer with me. If you’re feeling extra bold say it out loud.

“God, teach me to keep my eyes fixed on You in both the wins and the losses. I give You permission to get my attention any way You need to in order to help me stay focused on You."