7 Laws Of Love

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Love Brings Healing

Jesus was the physical embodiment of love, so it makes sense that he was also the embodiment of healing. Everywhere he went, he loved people and he healed people using two primary methods: his words and his touch.

We can do the same to promote love and healing in our own relationships.

Be willing to speak a kind word to the loved one in your life who needs encouragement today. Send an encouraging text message or, better yet, pick up the phone and call. Don’t let your love be an unspoken assumption. Make sure your loved ones know exactly how much you love them because your words and actions make it clear.

Jesus gave us many examples of his healing power in the Bible. One of the most famous encounters involved a woman who had been suffering from bleeding for many years. Her condition was not only painful, but culturally it also ostracized her from society. She was suffering both physically and relationally. An encounter with Jesus would change everything for her: Jesus provided the healing she needed, but he didn’t just heal her body. His love healed her soul. He reaffirmed her humanity. He reminded her of her limitless worth. He addressed her as an adopted member of his own family. He healed her with a touch and also with his words. (Mark 5:34)

Healing flows from relationships. Jesus addressed this woman as a “daughter” to remind her that God was not distant from her. She was part of God’s family. Jesus cared about her physical need, but he also took time to address her relational need. He does the same for you and me.

An encounter with Jesus always has the power to bring healing. When love is present, healing is present. It won’t always look miraculous, but it will always make a difference.

Jesus is not a genie in a bottle or a vending machine that exists to give you what you think you want. He is your loving Savior whose plans for your life are much better than your own. The healing that love brings might not always look like you think it should, but in the scope of eternity, it will prove to be exactly what you need for your good and God’s glory.