7 Laws Of Love

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Love Conquers Fear

Courage isn’t the absence of fear; it’s the presence of love in the face of fear. Maybe you’re in a season of your life when you’re going through something difficult. Fear seems to be creeping in from all sides, and you’re asking yourself, If God is so loving and so powerful, then why am I going through all this pain in the first place?

God is not some sadistic little kid torturing insects for fun; he’s the embodiment of love, and he loves you more than you can imagine. If you’re in a season of difficulty, don’t let fear get the best of you. Turn instead to the love of your heavenly Father and find comfort there. Even in those moments of pain, he will carry you through it and bring good from it somehow. Love has the power to overcome your fears by giving you the courage to face them with faith.

We all have areas of fear in our lives. When God created us, I think he knew how much we’d struggle with fear and how big a threat to our lives fear could become. That’s why he told us over and over in the Bible, “Don’t be afraid.”

He didn’t just tell us not to be afraid; he went a step further and told us why we didn’t have to be afraid. He promised to always be with us. What a promise!

Envision your life with a heart full of love and courage. How does that vision look different than your life looks right now? That fearless vision is possible if you choose to live a life led by love. Commit to the path of love, and never look back to the path of fear. Great days are ahead. God promised it, so you know it’s true.