Real Hope: Seeking God's Purpose

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Healing to Purpose

God’s first focus in your life is a deep inner healing of the damage that sin has inflicted on your inner person!

We focus a lot on God’s purpose through you into the lives of other people—how He wants to work through your life as He builds His kingdom in this world. But before He can work through you and shine His life through your life, God needs to work in you.

That inner change begins when you put your faith in Jesus and what He did at the cross to provide forgiveness and restore your relationship with God. God adopts you into His family as His son or daughter and places His empowering Holy Spirit within you to change you from the inside out. And He uses the Bible to help you see the issues of life clearly.

There’s one ingredient of this inner healing that you bring to the relationship, and that’s responsiveness to God. He’ll do it all, as long as you respond to Him when He convicts you of sin or calls you to action.

How do you need to respond to God today?

Written by JOHN NORTH