Joseph's Life Story


New dreams

Joseph’s downcast fellow-prisoners, Pharaoh’s chief baker and chief cupbearer, told him that they had dreamed. They knew that these dreams were meaningful, but there was no one who could interpret them. In such cases, Egyptians would normally go to a priest who was trained in interpreting dreams. But being in prison, these men were left clueless.

Joseph invited them to tell him their dreams. Not because he could interpret them himself, but because he knew that “interpretations belong to God”. And to whom could these officers tell their dreams better than to Joseph, who had such a close relationship with the Lord and had personal experience with supernatural dreams?!

God showed Joseph the meaning of the dreams: within three days, Pharaoh would restore one of these men to his position as cupbearer and hang the other. And these predictions came true, as we read in Genesis 40:21-22.

This story about dreams coming true undoubtedly reminded Joseph of his own dreams that did not seem to come true at all… Maybe it gave him new hope that God could change his circumstances as well.

When you see God at work in other people’s lives or read stories like these in the Bible, does that strengthen your faith that God is really in control?