Joseph's Life Story


Taking responsibility

God had shown Joseph what Pharaoh’s dreams meant, and what Egypt’s future would look like for the next 14 years. Seven years of severe famine would inevitably lead to many people’s death — if the Egyptians did not prepare for this time.

Joseph was convinced that God had everything in His hands and that He was behind plenty and famine. But this did not prevent Joseph from taking his responsibility! He proposed to Pharaoh that as much food as possible be stored up in the years of plenty, so that there would be something to eat in the years of famine. This was a huge undertaking, but it was the responsibility of the Egyptian leaders to protect their people since they knew what was going to happen.

Being in a position of authority or having knowledge that others don’t have, can bring huge responsibility. In Joseph’s case this was obvious, but I think it also applies to Christians in general. We know that we will face a disastrous future if we don’t prepare well for the return of Jesus Christ or our own death — whichever comes first. And the same goes for people around us: they all need to be reconciled to God if they are to escape eternal death. Are you ready, are you safe? And do you warn others so that they can be saved as well?