The Grumbler's Guide to Giving Thanks


Give Thanks to God 

The gifts we enjoy and give thanks for lead us to better know and enjoy the Giver. We don’t have to choose God or the gifts. We can find joy in both. Together. Thanksgiving links the two as we better understand God through His gifts. It begins with identifying blessings, but these must point us to Someone or else we’re not giving thanks.

A God-centered life produces a praise-filled life. Believing all things come from God lays the foundation for biblical thanksgiving. God is the source of our gifts and the object of our gratitude. Since God is the source of whatever comes our way, we can trust and thank Him, whether it’s in a trial to make us like Christ or a blessing to lift our sunken spirit.

We receive everything we have. When God receives the praise for giving us all good things, it removes any grounds of personal boasting. Gratitude humbles us. It decimates pride and sweeps away entitlement. The more we give God credit, the less we take credit.

The humility served up through gratitude is matched by the joy that follows. As we experience self-forgetfulness, our hearts find the space to wonder and worship at the sight of God. It just takes us getting out of the way to make room (John 3:30). As we give more time to recognize and reflect on God, it leads to joy in Him. His heart abounds with the generosity of a wonderful gift-giving Father concerned with both our provision and our pleasure.

God not only knows what we need, but He knows when we need it and how to give it. We give thanks for what God does and gives, and when and how He does it.

God filled our world with His fingerprints, some unmistakable and others less apparent at first glance. Take the time to look, observe, and connect the dots. As you notice God at work, thank Him. Identify God’s involvement and activity. Think about blessings you take for granted. Any gift from God should lead you to God. Allow the gift to teach you about the character and heart of the Giver.

Take a few minutes to list five gifts from God, actions of God in your life, or attributes of God on your mind. Consider what those tell you about Him. Then give thanks to Him.