How to Receive a Whole New Self-Image

How to Receive a Whole New Self-Image

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Your Body Image

Let me start off this plan by letting you in on a little secret. For most of my adult life, until just a few years ago, I hated seeing myself in the mirror or in photos. I was terribly overweight, and deeply ashamed of it. 

So when I talk about body image, it’s no theory lesson. This is someone whose life has been transformed by Christ speaking His truth here.

If body image is ruining your life, do you want to be set free from that? I mean, completely, totally set free? 

Then stick with me, because that’s what we’re going to do in this humble little plan.

First up, let’s see what God has to say about body image. Are you ready? 

God sent the prophet Samuel to find a new king to replace King Saul of Israel, who’d gone off the rails. You can read the full story in 1 Samuel 16. 

Of all of Jesse’s sons, God chose David to be king. But notice in the story that David was the runt of the litter. His own father didn’t even put him forward as an option! Samuel thought his number-one son—you know, the tall, good-looking eldest one—would be the king.

But your physical stature is the last thing that God’s interested in. What He’s most interested in is who you are—your heart. And if that’s the precious thing in God’s sight, isn’t it time to ditch this whole body image inadequacy thing that you’ve got going on?

God often—almost always, in fact—chooses plain, ordinary-looking people to achieve amazing things for Him. 

Take Jesus, the Son of God. The prophet Isaiah says this about the Messiah who was to come: 

“For he grew up before him like a young plant, and like a root out of dry ground; he had no form or majesty that we should look at him, and no beauty that we should desire him.” – Isaiah 53:2 (ESV)

That’s Jesus we’re talking about—and look at what He achieved.

Jesus put His body on the line for you and me. He used His physical body, plain and ordinary as it was, to glorify God. What a powerful word to release you from the false prison of body image.

Jesus came to set you free. And when He sets you free, you are free indeed. How good is that?! 

Life application questions

  • Why do you think we, as humans in our modern society, put so much emphasis on our physical appearance?

  • What has been your own journey with body image? Write down some of your own key struggles or breakthrough moments to reflect upon.

  • Read through the story in 1 Samuel 16:1-13 of how God chose David to be king. Consider what qualities God valued in this young man. How does this speak to you in your own situation?

  • Whether you’re 100 percent happy with your body or not, you can use it to glorify God. What are some of the ways that you can do that today?

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How to Receive a Whole New Self-Image

Poor self-esteem is a global pandemic. Too many people are living with deep insecurities that rob them of the abundant life that Jesus died and rose again to bring them. Do you know anybody like that? Join Bible teacher...

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