Rise Up & Stand Firm—A Study of 1 Peter (Part 1)


Our Hope and Calling

In this 4-part Bible Plan, we’re going to study 1 Peter together. By studying this book, I truly believe you’ll be encouraged to rise up and stand firm in your faith—no matter what trials you face. At the beginning of each plan, there will be a short video to get you started. Each day you will engage in praying, reading, taking notes, and reflecting on some application questions.

Today, we’re going to start our study by reading through all of 1 Peter. Don’t panic. It’s not very long. And we won’t worry about stopping to take any notes today. 


Holy Spirit, thank You for Your living Word. Please teach me from it today. 

Today’s Goal: 

Look for Peter’s overall intention and themes. 

Study Tips: 

  • Choose to either print a double-spaced copy of each chapter or start a 1 Peter notebook. You can also take notes digitally through the Bible App by using the “Note” feature. 

  • Read the Scriptures with patience and pay close attention to details. 

  • Consider using a dictionary and Bible study resource tools. (I like using the Bible Hub App.)

  • Compare other Bible translations with your translation of choice. You can do this by selecting the verse and hitting the “Compare” button. (I usually start and stay close to the NIV or ESV translations.)

  • Who can you gather to study 1 Peter together? You can even do this Bible Plan together using Plans With Friends. 


  • What do you believe is the main theme or motivation of Peter’s letter? Write this in your notes.